build a story with Rock Out Entertainment

build a story with Rock Out Entertainment

We have been a part of something, here. We are a part of the story. The story was told by Epic Motion.

Now, this video doesn’t show how Rock Out Entertainment can set off a party and rock the wedding reception. It doesn’t show the lights, the sound, the hype.

What this video does show is the story of two people. Two people and their story. A story we are now a part of. How we see it, being a good DJ is about playing our part in a story. We played our part, watch and see;

“All That You’ll Build Together” // A Mary + Juan Vignette from Epic Motion on Vimeo.


(Well, we have to boast a little…the audio from the ceremony, the audio from the lovely toast, the fun and smiles on the dance-floor are all possible because we played our part in this story. Minute Mark 4:00 minute)


Mary Juan to Nabil



“I really enjoyed working with everyone …. Mary and Juan’s event on Saturday.  Nabil sure had the crowd dancing, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with him.  I will DEFINITELY refer you and your DJ Nabil to future clients.”

Kathy Byrum, P.B.C.
Wedding & Event Designer –