how it all began

Rock Out Entertainment is owned and operated by Wayne A. Kinney.  The company was formed in 1994 shortly after Owner, Wayne A. Kinney performed as a DJ for a friend’s wedding.  Since then Rock Out Entertainment has DJ’d over 1,000 weddings.

DJ services have always been Rock Out Entertainment’s greatest offering.  In addition to DJ’ing wedding receptions, Rock Out Entertainment has become a go-to source for providing entertainment for more events such as fashion shows, corporate parties, elaborate family parties and birthdays, and even nightclubs.  Rock Out Entertainment continues to write it’s history while producing events tailored to each client’s needs.  Check out what some clients have said about us…click here

Commissioning a team of DJs, live performers and production staff allows Rock Out Entertainment to take on more events and service our clients more aggressively than ever before.

Premium DJ services playing top-notch music through awesome equipment! No matter your musical tastes, give us a call and let’s talk about your event.  Maybe you dig Indie-Rock or Hip-Hop…our team covers all genres and is at your command.

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