Monogram light adds a classy stamp…

Monogram light adds classy stamp…

A monogram light is a unique way to add flare and personalization to the wedding reception.  The customized light fixture broadcasts on any flat surface and allows the room to transform into a trademarked environment stamped by the bride and groom.

Inquiry today and see what design can be made just for you!  Below are some awesome samples.

Rock Out Entertainment created the custom gobo pictured below. The bride shared the invitation design with our creative team.  A few cuts, pastes and presto!  We did it, the unique design she loved for her invitations was now on the dance-floor!

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Above Photo credit : EdwardJohnPhotography (c) 2013

Check out the below design we created simply from a photo taken of the cake toppers!  Rock Out Entertainment was able to render the photo to a image our gobo manufacturer could use to create the piece for our lighting fixture.


Again, with this pic from an iPhone… we made it happen!monogram create sample The image of their shot-glass guest gift was on the dance-floor the entire evening.
The work put into a “theme” can go a long way when a lil’ effort is added.

monogram custom exampleThe montage above shows the poor quality picture that was sent via text message to Rock Out Entertainment.  Our team then used our graphic designer to recreate the desired image for a custom gobo monogram!


Rock Out Entertainment custom gobos

Rock Out Entertainment custom gobos