Nifty Moving Head Light


adjective   nif·ty \ˈnif-tē\
: very good, useful, or attractive

Rock Out Entertainment has an endless selection of lighting options to help create atmosphere, elegance and HYPE!  Our nifty moving head (or intelligent) fixture allows us to control the brightness, pattern, color swatch and tone.  We love and so should you!


Posted by Rock Out Entertainment on Saturday, July 25, 2015


A simple dance-floor lighting package helps let your guests know it is party time.  Also, lighting can be used to add color to an otherwise bland venue.

So, whether it be for ambiance or activity…choose a lighting package and WOW your guests.

Dramatic spotlighting;


(c) capturing the bride and groom in the spotlight

Spot-light on your first dance!

Spot-light on your first dance!

Rock Out Entertainment: Room Pan Colony Club from Wayne A. Kinney on Vimeo.

The Intelligent Lighting Package has many colors and patterns to promote a hype dance-floor but also allows for speed changes to slow things down at the right time.

Check out the manufacturer’s video;


truss with wrap


Rogue R1 spot has many patterns, speeds and colors. Hype or elegance at a touch of button.

intimidator patterns

The Intimidator is a hi-performance fixture that allows super long beams and quick action. A small room can shine and a large room is under our control.



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