Rock Out to Take the Party Up!

Rock Out Entertainment had such a riot DJing for a beautiful couple and their wonderful families and guests.  The event was spectacular, nothing left without top-notch detail.  The bride and groom had a fabulous band perform the majority of the evening. Rock Out’s DJ Wayne was there to handle the grand introductions of the bridal […]

Rock Out Glowsticks

15″ foam glowsticks are an instant hit at any event. The guests can’t help themselves from snagging a fun prop to take on the dancefloor. The room looks so active and bright when everyone is holding the glowsticks in the air and bouncing around. Rock Out Entertainment: Glowsticks from Wayne A. Kinney on Vimeo.

Wedding gone clubbin!

Fun pic from a August 2013 wedding. Notice the two up-right 12′ truss with moving head lights fixed atop. Those two lights add some great activity to the room not to mention the lights act as spotlights great for grand entrances and special dances.  Furthermore, the lights have programmable patterns to add effects to the […]