Intelligent Lighting

Michigan barn wedding!

We Do Barn Weddings Rock Out Entertainment sure does love the rustic and vintage appeal of a Michigan barn wedding.  Our playlists and lighting play into the backdrop of the natural space and don’t take away from the organic ambiance already established. Check out this wonderful wedding we handled;   (we love minute marks 3:23 or […]

Carnival theme wedding was outta sight

One late weekday evening I received one of my most memorable bridal client calls. Ashley, the bride to be, was such a delight to talk to. In fact, I think we spent over an hour talking. Ashley and I talked about her great ideas of having a carnival themed wedding at a rustic venue she […]

Full Room Up-lighting & Intelligent Lighting design

Full Room Up-lighting & Intelligent Lighting design around the venue takes the walls to a new height and depth, visually.  As the venue takes down their house lights a bit more and more throughout the night, the depth of the room is brought to the forefront by using deep colors.   VIDEOS: Full-Room Pan Colony […]

Spotlight on Grand Entrance



Joey and Lesley were a beautiful couple and their bridal party was a gorgeous & fun group.  Gotta have a spotlight for their entrance!!

The 4 Intelligent Light moving head fixtures were the perfect equipment to grab the guests attention and add hype to the grand entrance.  While each couple was announced the spotlight hit the doorway and followed them in.  As the bride and groom made their way in we followed them to the dance-floor where the entire bridal party was dancing awaiting the newlyweds.

[themecolor]The large room deserves, large lighting, Period.  Joey and Lesley had the right idea when they choose their reception venue; grand, lavish and spectacular.  The lighting always needs to match the venue, so the suggestion to use grand lighting wasn’t ignored.  Nice job newlyweds, you nailed it![/themecolor]