Wayne A. Kinney

Rock Out Entertainment quick demo

Rock Out Entertainment is not just a DJ company.

We are an entertainment production.  Creating a beautiful and fun environment is how we make our first impression and the music comes next.  All together makes for a wonderful event with texture and emotion.

In this lil’ video notice our spot lights, ambient room lights (amber/ candlelight color) and intelligent lighting (moving and activating the dance-floor scene).

Rock Out Entertainment | Promo from Bodhi Tree Films on Vimeo.
*Illuminated DJ booth with monogram is available as an add-on from one of our preferred business partners.  Same goes for Pipe and Drape around the room. Both visual extras are great ways to give the venue  a whole new look.
Birmingham Townsend wedding first dance

Birmingham Townsend wedding first dance

For more pics of this lovely wedding visit our Blaine Siesser’s blog.

Team Leader: Wayne A. Kinney

It is no secret; Wayne A. Kinney has experience in weddings with over 600 receptions under his belt and an average over of 60 events each year since 2009.  DJing has always been Wayne’s passion and entertaining people is his talent. Wayne goes on to say, “Rock Out Entertainment stands out from other companies because […]