Team Leader: Wayne A. Kinney

It is no secret; Wayne A. Kinney has experience in weddings with over 600 receptions under his belt and an average over of 60 events each year since 2009.  DJing has always been Wayne’s passion and entertaining people is his talent.

Wayne behind the music!

credit: JLBWEDDING.COM for snapping this one!

Wayne goes on to say, “Rock Out Entertainment stands out from other companies because we enjoy listening to our clients and show true compassion towards their overall vision of an event.  In an industry full of ego-maniacs and poor performers, our longevity in ‘the bizz’ is due to pure skill.  That skill; the ability to take everything in and produce a great performance.   Much like making a great dinner for your family; you gather all the right ingredients, mix ’em up with proper care and finesse and out comes a great meal!”

Prior to managing Rock Out Entertainment ‘full-time’, Wayne tallied 8 years of experience performing as a on-stage Host.  Wayne has stood behind the microphone presenting for events across the country.  More so, Wayne has interviewed a variety of celebrity guests during live events produced for Dodge, Nickelodeon, Meijer, Warner Brothers and even WWE (Wayne had the opportunity to interview one of his childhood heroes, Hulk Hogan, during a live event).

Wayne enjoying himself while entertaining the guests

This pic was snapped while I was enjoying myself, during my DJ set at a great wedding in 2012. Credit: Photographer Blaine Siesser

Alongside his experience as an Emcee and Host, Wayne has a combined 16 years experience in Project Management and Business Development while employed for firms in such competitive industries as DRTV Advertising, Commercial Production, Promotional Product Management and Brand Merchandising.

Wayne enjoying himself while entertaining the guests

Wayne enjoying himself while entertaining the guests. Photo Credit: Silver Thumb Photography

Most recently, Wayne enjoys taking work as a narrator and actor while registered under local talent agencies.  Some auditions have led to roles in national commercial campaigns (like so; Bulova watch) along with some industrial and feature films. Wayne is proud landing leading roles in a host of short films and two full-length features. His first full-length feature film role came as “Austin” in Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie.  Wayne enjoys acting and continues to build his resume whether on short-films, feature films or episodic television.

Wayne’s hobbies include: Singing, recreational Sports, Cooking, Concerts and more concerts, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Acting, Cycling and Traveling.  However, being busy sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be so relaxing with an import beer or glass of wine while enjoying the company of family & friends is the preferred hobby.


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