Wedding gone clubbin!

Fun pic from a August 2013 wedding. Notice the two up-right 12′ truss with moving head lights fixed atop. Those two lights add some great activity to the room not to mention the lights act as spotlights great for grand entrances and special dances.  Furthermore, the lights have programmable patterns to add effects to the ceiling or dance-floor.  Controlled by an onsite lighting technician, “intelligent moving-head” lights can change color and shine anywhere in the room.
Lights up, all around!

Lights up, all around! 15″ foam Glowsticks were a hit with the crowd

This room also had over 20 LED lights placed around to add up-lighting.
A lil’ add on was the foam glow sticks. The Crowd went nuts when we passed them out. — at St. Marys Cultural Center.